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And still we connect people

And still we connect people

I min forberedelse til foredrag faldt jeg igen over denne mail, som blev sendt rundt internt i Facebook i 2016:
Det siger noget om, hvorfor Facebook har mere end 2 milliarder brugere. Dataetik var ikke øverst på deres agenda.

“We talk about the good and the bad of our work often. I want to talk about the ugly.
We connect people.
That can be good if they make it positive. Maybe someone finds love. Maybe it even saves the life of someone on the brink of suicide.
So we connect more people
That can be bad if they make it negative. Maybe it costs a life by exposing someone to bullies. Maybe someone dies in a terrorist attack coordinated on our tools.
And still we connect people.
The ugly truth is that we believe in connecting people so deeply that anything that allows us to connect more people more often is *de facto* good.”

– Facebook Vice President Andrew Bosworth

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